Community Health Promotion

Before introduction of the filter to the particular rural/ urban center, presentations are made in the concerned area. The presentation focuses on Health, Hygiene, Sanitation and BioSand Water Filter. After which target beneficiaries shall be identified.

Production of BioSand Filter

This phase involves the fabrication of the concerte shell of the filter and filtration media and gravel.

Installation of BioSand Filter

The installation process covers the following :
1. Selection, allotment and installation of filters to beneficiaries and collection of baseline data survey.
2. Recipients are trained on the maintaince of filters and also on basic health, hygiene and sanitation. A pictorial user brochure is also handed out with each filter for correct use and maintaince.
3. With each filter two water storage containers are distributed to ensure that recontamination of filtered water does not take place.

Water Testing

Portable water testing kits at both project sites help to conduct water testing in the field. The device which we use is called the Potalab from Wagtech. The Potalab performs the following function :
1. Microbiological Testing: Test for e-coli and total coliforms, thermotolerant bacteria can be performed
2. Physical Testing : Test for turbidity, pH, temperature, Conductivity, can be performed
3. Chemical Testing;
4. Test for Arsenic, Chlorine, Fluride, Ammonia, Manganese, Iron, Nitrites, Nitrites etc can be performed.
Tests are performed before and after installation of filter

Follow up Visits

BioSand Filters are monitored at regular intervals after installation. Four mandatory follow up visits at regular intervals are made by the Community Health Promoters to ensure that the filters are being used in the prescribed manner and to monitor health, hygiene based behavioural chnages in the beneficaries.

Consultancy and Support

We have the expertise to train and help develop new entrants to Biosand Filter

January Project Launched
Biosand Filter Fabricated
Biosand Filter Installed
Villages Reached