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The Assembly of God Chruch Launched The BioSand Water Filter Project in 2010 in partnership with Mission of Mercy Canada. The Project focuses on providing safe clean drinking water through BioSand Water Filters to the urban and rural poor irrespective of gender , caste or religion.

At Assembly of God Church, Mission Kolkata the Biosand Water Filter Project goals are to provide help and hope to people in need in India through the safe clean drinking water initiatives and community outreaches on Water, Sanition and Hygiebe (WASH).

Why? Because contaminated water lead to and affects poverty, women, health and education. Hence Providing safe drinking water to the poor is a challange that the Mission has undertaken.

Approximately 97 million people lack access to improved sources of drinking water in India. While the government is government is making several efforts to solve this acute problem the marginalised sectiom of society is not being fully reached. It is the poorest people with the least knowledge about their rights and freedoms that continue to suffer, and these are the people we are called to serve.

At Assembly of God Church Kolkata Mission when we think about water for India, we believe that :

° Access to safe Drinking Water and Sanitation are Human Rights. These are essential to sustaining life. Everyone in the world should have unrestricted access to safe water and it should be close to their homes/ in their homes.
° Water, sanitation and hygiene education are crucial for poverty reduction. Access to these resources helps to reduce illness and preventable child morality.
° The Interests of vulnerable and marginalised groups, especially women and children are of primary concern.

The BioSand Filter Team has been trained by Center for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology (CAWST), a Canadian non -profit organization. "CAWST" walks beside" hundreds of organization--- government agencies, community groups, and local and international NGOs of all size --- in 163 as they develop their capacities to deliver water and sanitation programs locally."

As of 2014, CAWST estimates that over 800,000 BioSand filters would have been installed in countries around the world

The team members of BioSand filter Project West Bengal and Jharkhand have been trained by CASWT on
° BioSand Filter Project Implementation
° Community Health Promotion
° Water Quality Testing

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January Project Launched
Biosand Filter Fabricated
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